Year Dividend Record date Payment date AU cents per share Franking %
2022 Final 9th March 2023 6th April 2023 5.0 cents 40%
2022 Interim 15th September 2022 6th October 2022 4.0 cents 100%
2021 Final 10th March 2022 7th April 2022 5.0 cents 100%
2021 Interim 16th September 2021 7th October 2021 4.0 cents 100%
2020 Final 11th March 2021 8th April 2021 5.0 cents 100%
2020 Interim 17th September 2020 8th October 2020 4.0 cents 100%
2019 Final 13th March 2020 8th April 2020 2.0 cents 100%
2019 Interim 12th September 3rd October 3.5 cents 100%
2019 Interim 14th March 12th April 5.0 cents 100%
2018 Final 13th September 4th October 8.5 cents 100%
2018 Interim 15th March 5th April 5.0 cents 100%
2017 Final 14th September 5th October 7.0 cents 100%
2017 Interim 21st March 24 April 4.0 cents 100%
2016 Final 28th September 26th October 6.0 cents 100%
2016 Interim 22nd March 27th April 3.0 cents 100%

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

On the 24th August 2016, Costa Group Holdings Ltd announced a Dividend Reinvestment Plan*

The Costa Group Holdings Ltd Dividend Reinvestment Plan (“Plan”) provides certain holders of ordinary shares (“Shares”) in Costa Group Holdings Ltd (“Company”) with a convenient method of reinvesting all or part of their dividends in further Shares.

Although the Plan has been approved by the Board, the Plan is not currently active and will become active only if and when the Board determines. Any activation or suspension of the Plan will be announced on ASX and at www.costagroup.com.au . Once activated, the Plan will give shareholders the choice of applying dividends declared by the Company to subscribe for fully paid ordinary Shares in the Company rather than receiving those dividends in cash.

Features of the Plan include:

  • Participation is entirely voluntary and you can choose to reinvest all, part or none of your Dividend in the Plan;
  • You do not have to appoint a broker and you will not have to pay fees, brokerage or other transaction costs for Shares acquired by you under the Plan;
  • You can choose to have less than your full shareholding participating in the Plan;
  • You can choose to join, withdraw or vary your participation in the Plan at any time;
  • Shares acquired by you under the Plan will rank equally with the existing fully paid ordinary Shares;
  • Shares acquired by you under the Plan are credited directly to your shareholding;
  • Plan statements outlining the Dividend calculation and the details of your Participation will be mailed on the relevant Dividend payment date; and
  • Your tax position in respect of the Dividend is usually the same whether or not you elect to participate in the Plan, although you may wish to confirm this with a tax advisor.

(* Note some words used here are defined in the rules of the Plan.)

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